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02/09/12 08:58 PM #1    

John Adams

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07/07/13 08:03 PM #2    

Dorothy Gowens Eddings (Eddings)

REMINDER - Be sure register for the family reunion by July 11th. All purchases, hotel reservations, and registrations must be completed by July 11th.

08/11/15 10:03 PM #3    

Cecelia Rosemond (Carelock)

I would like to say thank you to all that attend 2015 reunion & to help make it a success. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. If anyone is interested in extra t-shirts please email me.

05/09/16 09:57 AM #4    


Ginia Matthews (Sykes)

Good Day Family!!


The Baltimore family is looking forward to hosting our 85th Family Reunion this August and look forward to seeing each and everyone of you. Please, if you have not already, send in your registration forms..the deadline of June 1st is fast approaching. 

Registration forms are available here and only need to be printed and returned to the address indicated.

Thank you in advance 

Ginia (Gigi) Sykes 

05/15/16 04:15 PM #5    


Ginia Matthews (Sykes)

2016 Ward Price Griffin Family Reunion !!!
Hello Family! Your family reunion committee is excited to host our families 85th reunion!! Baltimore Welcomes you all!! This video is a sample of the fun that awaits you in Baltimore's Inner Harbor!!


06/10/16 08:56 AM #6    


Ginia Matthews (Sykes)

Good Day Family!
It has been brought to my attention that there have been some questions in relation to the pricing for the 2016 Ward Price Griffin
Family Reunion.
I would like to offer some clarification on this.
For those that have paid the ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE of 120.00
you have secured your place for all planned activities that include the meet and greet/game night...Banquet...Cook out and DC Tour as well as your tee shirt.
We have extended the registration date to JUNE 30, 2016, in addition the banquet location has been moved from the Military Base to a private room in a restaurant. Also the option of paying by credit card/debit card over the phone has been added to allow those who need it an additional option of paying fees.
If you have opted to pay per activity, THE ACTIVITY YOU SELECTED AND PAID FOR is just that, what you have paid for is what you will be attending. NOTHING ELSE.
Below are the individual prices for the weekend activities
The following are individual prices for the reunion:
Kids T-Shirts 10.00
Adult T-Shirts 15.00 (up to XL)
Adult T-Shirts 18.00 (XL and higher)
Picnic 25.00
Banquet 50.00
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me

07/01/17 12:52 PM #7    

Angelia Simpson (Wilkins)

The reunion is almost upon us. For those opening to attend a reminder that July 20 is the deadline. Potato sack race and plastic egg bobbing at the day of the picnic. Love you all Angelia

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